JWQ Showcase 2017

Wednesday, June 28, 2017





Billy Mintz . solo drumset

Liebowitz/Caine Duo
Carol Liebowitz . piano
Adam Caine . guitar

168 7th St., Bklyn
$15 suggested

“[Mintz's solo performances are] a form of holy worship for many musicians and drummers. Forget what you know about the drums and solo drums. This is no boom-chakka-lakka affair. Mintz is painterly and understated in his singular approach to music.”
—Willamette Week, Portland, Oregon

BILLY MINTZ, Recordings

Thirteenth Note Records
If you are a fan of modern jazz drumming but have not heard Billy Mintz, you have not heard it all.”
—Tom Conrad, JazzTimes

“Curious and forceful”
—New York Times


LIne Art Records
Payne Lindal Liebowitz (Line Art Records)—Bill Payne/Eva Lindal/Carol Liebowitz:
“...intense and gripping.... eloquent and wistful poetry.... high caliber musicianship and intelligent, electrifying artistry.”

—Hrayr Attarian, All About Jazz

First Set (Line Art Records)—Carol Liebowitz/Nick Lyons Duo:
“This improvisational pair recalls the duo performances of Steve Lacy and Mal Waldron 
in style and intensity. . . . almost telepathic . . . hypnotically engaging . . .” 
—Roger Farbey, All About Jazz 

ADAM CAINE, Recordings:
Thousandfold (New Business Records)—Adam Caine Trio with Tom Blancarte and John Wagner:
"Guitarist Adam Caine displays his endlessly innovative creative instinct on Thousandfold.”

Lyn Horton, All About Jazz

The Moon (577 Records)—Adam Caine/Federico Ughi Duo:
“It’s a complete listening experience, an improvised symphony. They create music that is interesting at any given moment, but is constantly developing, taking on a structural life of it’s own. 


Media Contact
Jim Eigo Jazz Promo Services
Ph: 845-986-1677 /
"Specializing in Media Campaigns for the music community, artists, labels, venues and events.”

UK/USA/CANADA: Gwilym Summer 2017

Gwilym  will be playing a series of solo piano concerts in the US and Canada starting 23rd June

Gwilym starts a short solo tour of the US and Canada beginning at Rochester Jazz Festival and ending at Montreal Jazz Festival. In between he will visit Ann Arbor, Michigan, Cleveland, Ohio and Toledo, Ohio.  You can also catch him playing solo in the UK in September at the Kenilworth Festival in September.
Find out more about the solo dates here
Wolfgang Muthspiel with his Rising Grace Project
Gwilym will then be on back on tour with guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel,  with his Rising Grace Project.
This tour will feature trumpeter Tim Hagens, bassist  Larry Grenadier and drummer  Jeff Ballard. Wolfgang’s latest release is with ECM Records “Rising Grace”. The tour will take the band to the Garana Festival in Timisoara, Romania, North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam,  Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the Casa del Jazz in Rome, Judenburg in Germany and a visit to one of Gwilym’s favourite hotels – where he has recorded two albums – Schloss Elmau in southern Germany.
Rising Grace Tour Dates
Dave Holland

Ambleside Festival in honour of John Taylor

August 31st – September 3rd 2017
Gwilym to play with Dave Holland in four “double bill” concerts at Ambleside Festival
The brand new Ambleside Festival will feature Dave Holland, Norma Winstone, Tim Garland, James Maddren, Asaf Sirkis, John Halliwell, Gwilym Simcock,  Mike Walker, Nikki Iles, Mark Lockheart, Steve Watts, James Maddren, Asaf Sirkis, Steve Watts, Darrell Hall and Joe Locke – all  musicians inspired by  the great British pianist John Taylor.The concerts will take place over 4 days in the cinema at Zeffirelli’s and Gwilym will be playing on all four evenings.
Ambleside Days
Thomas Gould

Gwilym will also be playing with Thomas Gould at Chester Festival on 19th July and Petworth Festival on 27th July and at Manchester Festival on 1st August with Andy Scott and Group S.  Gwilym is featured on the new album "Ruby And All Things Purple".

All Tour Dates
Andy Scott and Group S Promo Video
Coming LIVE to Manchester Jazz Festival on 1st August
Get your copy of this wonderful album from Jazzcds or download via your favourite website.

DENMARK: Rudy Smith Quartet - Glass World(2017)

“Rudy Smith has created a marriage between the most important Afro Caribbean invention in the world of musical instruments, the steelpan, with the most important Afro American musical contribution, jazz. More than that, he has developed a solo style of steelpan playing, which is completely his own. His technique is dazzling. But it is not a matter of mere virtuosity. Rudy Smith’s playing bears the same mark of astonishing inventiveness that created the steelpan.” (Krister Malm)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

UK: Denys Baptiste - The Late Trane (2017)

The Late Trane is the powerful and commanding new album from British saxophonist Denys Baptiste, a giant of the UK jazz scene. Reimagining and reworking ten carefully chosen composition from John Coltrane’s late music (from 1963 - 1967) with a fresh and modern new interpretation, The Late Trane perfectly balances Denys Baptiste’s unique artistic vision with the visceral emotions and cosmic references that encompasses Coltrane’s late music. Denys Baptiste

USA: Jill Seifers, Eeppi Ursin & Mika Pohjola-New York Jazz Vocals (2017)

American Broadway songs with a classy touch became the recognizable feature of vocalist Jill Seifers Walsh and pianist Mika Pohjola at the turn of the millenium. Walsh and Pohjola met in Boston in the early 90's, and started making frequent appearances with their repertory in New York City. This duo proudly performed classics by Cole Porter, Dmitri Tiomkin and Richard Rodgers, not to forget Elvis Costello. The repertoire contained songs which are forgotten by many of today's jazz musicians. It is the contrast between Walsh's heartfelt yet simple vocal stylings and Pohjola's lush harmonies which made this duo and this album particularly fresh and a truly special one. The renditions express masterful lyricism in music and words. Jill Seifers Walsh tragically died in December 2012.

USA: Peter Dominguez - Groove Dreams (OBERLIN 2017)

Groove Dreams, a new recording by versatile bassist Peter Dominguez released on the Oberlin Music label, honors Hinton’s legacy with solo bass tunes from artists as varied as Duke Ellington, Stevie Wonder, Bill Evans, and Chick Corea. Performed on the 18th-century Italian bass Hinton played throughout his career, each song explores the nuances and deep colors of the instrument—qualities not always discernible in ensemble playing. OBERLIN

01 Mourning Song For A Chief
02 Crystal Silence
03 Bossa Nova Nemo (The Jive Samba)
04 Mood Indigo/Blue And Sentimental
05 Groove Dreams
06 You're A Joy
07 Spanglin'
08 Lately
09 Orbit (Unless It's You)
10 With Malice Toward None


Monday, June 26, 2017

USA: Henry Threadgill In Austin

Henry Threadgill In Austin

Presented by Epistrophy Arts and Liminal Sound series

We are pleased to announce the new dates for the Henry Threadgill workshop and concert in Austin, Texas.


MASTER CLASS with Henry Threadgill

University of Texas Music Bldg
2406 Robert Dedman Dr
Austin TX 78712
The Henry Threadgill Master Class will be a Q&A session.
It is an open form session that can go where ever the questions lead.

CONCERT: Henry Threadgill’s Zooid

Scottish Rite Theater
207 West 18th Street
Austin Texas 78701

For over forty years, Henry Threadgill has been celebrated as one of the most forward-thinking composers and multi-instrumentalists in American music. The New York Times has called him “perhaps the most important jazz composer of his generation.” Born in 1944 in Chicago, Threadgill was an early member of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM).
In for a Penny, In for a Pound by Henry Threadgill was named the winner of the Pulitzer
Prize for “distinguished musical composition by an American.” In awarding the prize, the Pulitzer committee call the release “a highly original work in which notated music and improvisation mesh in a sonic tapestry that seems the very expression of modern American life.”
We could not be more ecstatic for Henry and are honored to have been able to help document his work these last 15 years.

Zooid members for this special Austin appearance include:

Jose Davila -tuba
Liberty Ellman-guitar
Christopher Hoffman-cello
Elliot Humberto Kavee -drums

Concert or Workshop ticket — $50
Discount for musicians and students — $35

For more information please visit:
This project is supported by individual contributions, and the City of Austin Cultural Arts program